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Funny Jokes On Ishant Sharma

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Australia needed 44 runs in 18 balls and only 4 wickets were left, everyone thought that India will win this match but then came the villan of the match Ishant Sharma. James Faulkner scored 30 runs in 48th over and that over changed the game.  Australia won the match and  since then Ishant Sharma has been trending all over in Facebook And Twitter.

Read Some Of The Funny Jokes On Ishant Sharma which were posted on FaceBook and Twiiter !!

1.Indians : We have Dhoni, Kohli, Yuvraj Australians : We have Ishant Sharma

2. Behind every successful batsman there is a Kamran Akmal, but infront of them is Ishant Sharma

3.When life gives you “Sharma” make it “Kapil” not Ishant :p

4.Indians were playing with 10 players, & australians were with 12, as ishant was also playing for australia

5. At Kanpur: “Dekho dekho kaun aaya, Gujarat ka sher aaya” At Mohali: “Dekho dekho kaun aaya, Delhi wala Ishant aaya

6. During the upcoming Ashes Series, Ishant Sharma will receive the Australian Sports Medal to honor his contributions for Australian cricket

7. Ashish Nehra, Munaf Patel, RP Singh, Sreesanth & Ashok Dinda have just accepted Ishant Sharma’s FB friend request

8. Indian politicians just found a new agenda : Agar hum power me ayenge to wada karte h agle 5saal tak Ishant ko nai khelne denge

9. Breaking News : Ishant Sharma overtakes Manohan Singh as the most hated person in India

10. Ashish Nehra should beproud  after seeing Ishant‘s bowling

11. Cricket is such a balanced game. We have an MS Dhoni and an Ishant Sharma in the same team

12. For the first time in history a fan club was formed for an indian cricketer in australia n Ishant Sharma got that honour

13. Dear single guys, if a girl gives you as many chances as Dhoni has given to Ishant Sharma, marry her.

14. Dhoni should use his helicopter rotors to cut the hair of Ishant Sharma.

15. Dear Rahul Gandhi, Marry Ishant Sharma. This will save two houses. Sincerely, Common men of india. :P

16. There are good bowlers, and there are poor bowlers. Then there’s 500 feet of crap. And then there’s Ishant Sharma


18. The stadium was chanting “We love yoy Ishant Sharma!!” They later turned out to be the Australian fans.

19. Ajit Agarkar would be having second thoughts on his retirement after looking at Ishant Sharma bowl.

20. Punishment for Ishant Sharma, Give him tickets of Boss movie..:P

21. Newton’s 3rd law modified: For every N Srinivasan, there is an equal and opposite Ishant Sharma.

22. Sharma hi Sharma ke kaam aata hai, Ishant Sharma washed Chetan Sharma’s shame in Sharjah today. At least someone woukd be happy

23. Who said only MSD can change the course of game in single over! Our beloved Ishant has the capability too!!!

24. My Name is Ishant Sharma And I am not a Bowler.

25. After seen at “Comedy Nights With Kapil”, Siddhu seen at “Tragedy Nights With Ishant“.

26. When Ishant Sharma bowls, it’s a working holiday for all fielders. Of course, the spectators are the real fielders

27. Finally Rahul Gandhi has a saviour in twitter in the name of ishant sharma.

28. Sachin announced his retirement and Yuvi paid him tribute by playing a match winning knock. Sir Ajit Agarkar gets the same tribute from Ishant.

29. Ishant Sharma has locked himself in dressing room toilet.

30. Ishant : Bhai mujhe target 360 hai Kohli : MC, BC…woh last match tha.

31. God bless Ishant Sharma’s mother and sister today- Deepak Singh :P

32. RT if you can bowl better than Ishant Sharma!

33. Dear Ishant, did you really have to choose an international match to pay homage to Ajit Agarkar?

34. I wish cricket had red card,we would made sure Ishant sharma got it.

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  1. Well Ishant kya karta wha ? he is very good player but Bad Luck
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