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Dada Giri Of Mahendra Singh Dhoni

Cricket team is not an personal issue , its an representative of entire country . Every player must play aggregately to win the game .If we take a look at present Team India , we can say that it is the selection of Mahendra Singh Dhoni by himself . As we know selection committee will give respect to the captain’s words . If the recent conflicts & politics in Team Indian squad are kept aside and if we think positively – Mahi supported many young players several times and now they are playing a major role in success of Team India.

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Dada Giri Of MS Dhoni

Despite the criticism , MS Dhoni  gave many oppurtunities to these youngsters , Once criticized as the waste players are showing their talent  these days. It is the role of Captain Cool Dhoni  so we can say that the young blood of team India is the Mahi team . If we take at look at the average age of all Indian players , then it is 25.81 . Dhoni is the only player above 30 years  in current  Indian team which is playing Champions Trophy In England .

Once we will take a look at the Raising youngsters under MS Dhoni Captaincy :

Rohit Sharma : Lets talk about Mumbai Batsmen Rohit Sharma, from the past 3 years he  was given many chances to prove himself . Even though he was  not performing consistently , he was selected in playing XI .Many criticised that ” Why he is getting so many chances ,why not giving chance to other players?”  Still MS Dhoni kept faith on Mumbai batsmen Rohit sharma , Dhoni recognized Rohit’s talent & encouraged him ! In Champions Trophy 2013  he showed ” Why He is considered one of the best upcoming talent in World Cricket.”

Virat Kohli : The young batsmen Kohli had became a key player to get a stable position in the team with the support of Mahi. In Aussie tour  Virat Kohli scored 11,0,23,9 respectively. At that time many of them expressed that Kohli must be replaced with Rohit sharma ! But Kohli shown his consistent performance to get a stable position in team.

Suresh Raina : Middle Order Batsmen Suresh Raina, In limited overs cricket , Raina Rose in the shadow of Dhoni ! All team knows that raina is very close to dhoni ! Raina is not only close friend of dhoni but also he is consultant ! In T-20,ODI formats he is the best batsmen & he is the best fielder , this is all because of mahi.

Ravindra Jadeja : Sourastra all-rounder Jadeja is more criticized than Mumbai batsmen rohit sharma ! Truly since 2 years jadeja was given many chances , but he hasn’t proved himself till last year. There have been arguments that he is burden to the team ! But today the main spinner is the same jaddu who is playing & spinning the ball both sides ! In the last couple of months  Jadeja has  raised his game so much so that  now he’s become Dhoni’s go to man.

Ravichandran Ashwin : Today the main section of the Indian spin bowler is Ravichandran Ashwin . Ashwin took full advantage of senior spin bowler Harbhajan singh’s lakh of form . For stable position in international team , Along with his talent, mahi also gave him many opportunists  to prove himself ! The bowling performance in CSK gave him position in team india . Dhoni , captain of CSK have players like Jadeja , Ashwin , Raina ,But thinking of due to IPL performance only they got position in Indian team is not correct .Why because the stars like Kohli & Rohit who came in to Indian team because of MS Dhoni are playing for Different teams in IPL !

Bhuvneshwar Kumar : In current Indian team,most consistent young pace bowler is Bhuvneshwar Kumar . Dhoni gives him the new ball aside of all senior bowlers tell the consistency of bhuvi & the encouragement of dhoni towards young players !

Umesh Yadav : Another young Indian pacer also came in to the Indian team under the captaincy of MS Dhoni. MSD  gave Umesh as many opportunities as he can to prove himself. Despite his talent , he lost his days with injuries, Dhoni believed that Umesh had something special in him.

Rohit , Kohli , Raina , Jadeja , Ashwin , Bhuvi , Umesh , All young players were raised under DHONI’s CAPTAINCY ! All raised their positions with Dhoni’s encouragement ! If we remember the Old team india , the guys like yuvraj , bhajji , sehwag were Raised under GANGULY’s CAPTAINCY !


Dada might have felt happy for making his boys as great cricketers ! As the best captains Sourav Ganguly  &  Mahendra Singh Dhoni  words are ultimate ! Now MS Dhoni is also following Sourav Ganguly  foot steps.  Keeping future in mind , he is giving oppurtunities to many youngsters ! Due to lack of senior players form,the present selection committe is also searching for young blood . If we say that the present indian team is “Mahi Team” , Dhoni says that “Its not my team , its our team” 

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  1. Nice detailed read. But there are many haters of Mahi, still complaining about the tiniest things that may go wrong.

    There's a post that i had written during the IPL. Please share your views on the same.

  2. its a very good post.for all msd and ganguly haters.please see this all should realise that indian team does not belong to msd and any other captian it is our team and we should support our players

  3. 小白加小百等于小百兔。。

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