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What is T20 cricket all about?

What Is T20 Cricket?

With Cricket competing with an ever-growing market people need to want to come and see the game, and I know many people find Test Cricket dull and boring I am sometimes one of those so we need an alternative! This is where T20/Twenty20 Cricket comes into it all. A Fast Paced, Action-Packed night out, fun for everyone, Right? What could possibly be the problem?

T20 cricket is all about Entertainment. 6′s, 4′s wickets, run-outs, catches,cheerleaders. Everything goes on in Twenty20 and in such a short time. This type of all action cricket can attract more fans and help globalize the game.

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T20 cricket is all about Entertainment.

T20 Aka Twenty20 is  one of the most controversial things in cricket but what are the arguments about? There are many upsides to it and plenty of downsides to go with them too.  Does Cricket really need T20 ? My first T20 ever post will give my opinion on the matter, I hope you enjoy it :)

Advanatages Of T20 Cricket: 

  • Brings people to the game, in many cases people who would never have thought of coming originally.
  •  There is money in it for the players, more than First class Tests.
  •  Short games and late starts allowing people to come in after work.
  •  Brings popularity to the games and gets children into the game.
  •  Allows teams to spot talent for their tests.
  •  In T20 there’s always a full crowd and great atmosphere.

Disadvanatges Of T20 Cricket:

  • Corruption, Players get carried away with the money and start cheating.
  • When players start this it takes the attention away from the cricket and people start raving on about how modern day cricket is destroying the game.
  • Sometimes brings the Spot-Fixing into Test Cricket.
  • It can sometimes take the attention off the Test cricket and lower people’s interests of the original method.
  • True character cannot be discovered in this format’ – Geoffrey Boycott

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So That’s the ups and downs to T20 cricket , my opinion is keep it going. I think ICC should ban any spot fixers for life and make it a harsher penalty overall, I also think people stuck in the ‘ Old Generation ‘ need to someday realise that things will change as time goes on.

But in the meantime I’d love to know your opinion! Please leave a comment on what you think of the format and your ups and downs :)

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  1. Totally agree with the corruption that is going on on IPL. But the advantages are also immense. Many talented cricketers got their exposure from IPL. What fans want is entertainment! IPL worth a shot by controversies and game hype.

    Aditya Jois recently posted…Cricket prediction | England vs Australia ODI match predictionMy Profile

  2. My favorite game is T20 cricket in cricket game. Because short games and late starts allowing people to come. in after work.

  3. I like this website it is a master piece! Grateful I discovered this on the internet.

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