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Who is the Greatest captain of Indian Cricket Team

Who is the Greatest captain of Indian Cricket Team

From long time there have been many arguments on Who is the Greatest captain of Indian Cricket Team However, a good cricket captain is not merely a captain of a good team. Captains must have inherent characteristics and qualities that allow them to get the most out of their teams.  Through this article  i will try my Best to answer this Question for you guys.

Who is the Greatest captain of Indian Cricket Team

MS Dhoni Greatest captain of Indian Cricket Team

Mahendra Singh Dhoni - Mahendra Singh Dhoni or Mahi as he is fondly called by his fans, came to lime light when the performance graph of Team India was in a slope with Dada’s Retirement and bad form on Top Guns. Soon after taking over Captaincy in all three formats he proved his supporters right by Winning the Inaugural Edition of ICC T-20 Cricket World Cup held in South Africa.

Under MS Dhoni For the first time in Test Cricket  History India became Number One in Test cricket.  In fact, India managed to even win the 2011 ICC Cricket world Cup breaking the long standing barren run since 1983, with the captain leading from the front by scoring a match-winning knock of 91 in the final versus Sri Lanka

Who is the Greatest captain of Indian Cricket Team

Sourav Ganguly is the Greatest captain of Indian Cricket Team

Saurav Ganguly - Saurav Chandidas Ganguly or Dada as he is popularly known by his fans. Many call him a born leader. He came as a ray of light for then Team India who were often called as “Ghar ke Sher”. He combined Youth with Aggression and produced a Devastating team. He was the one who installed the Courage and the Aggression in the Team India . He used to believe in power of youth and always backed the Youngsters. Saurav Ganguly is also the only captain who has won a test series against Pakistan in Pakistan itself.

He taught Indian to look into the Eyes of the opponent and play game aggressively  Even though he never won any World Cup for Team India still his is called by many as best captain ever of team India. He would be always remembered as the Captain who thought Team India to win overseas.

Who is the Greatest captain of Indian Cricket Team

Who is the Greatest captain of Indian Cricket Team

Kapil Dev - India has produced so less quality all rounders that one can easily count on fingers, Among them one name Simply stands out and outshines others . That is Kapil Dev also known as Haryana Hurricane ! He came into lime light when India was a minnow  country in World Cricket.. It was under his captaincy that Indian team started believing that they could win too. Just remember how courageously India defended its Low Total against Massive West Indies Batsmen in the Finals of ’1983 WorldCup and became World Champions.

It’s an individual call as to Who is the Greatest captain of Indian Cricket Team, for some people ‘Dada’ is someone who cannot be replaced,for some people  Kapil Dev is best captain  but for some people it is ‘Ms Dhoni’ who is more street smart and knows how to handle pressure situations better,a better captain

Probably the question of “Who is the Greatest captain of Indian Cricket Team” will go Unanswered this time too .


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  1. in my opinion Mahi is d best captain ever in the indian cricket team…

  2. Dada.Ganguly

  3. sourav ganguly

  4. MSD Mahi Mahendra Singh Dhoni is best :D

  5. ravinder pandit


  6. To be frank each of them have there own style of captaincy but it was Dada who stood out and actually produce a team with experience and youth combination and his aggressive captaincy which help India to conquer in home & foreign soil and guyz dont forget that It was Dada who introduce Dhoni to the international scene.

  7. dada is best

  8. Undoubtfully its Dada

  9. Mahi is the best Captain undoubtedly bcoz oh his unselfish attitude…

  10. no doubt about it definatly it’s dhoni

  11. source is best of Indian cricket team.

  12. Dada is the best captain for ever.
    ms is a Lucky captain having good team.
    no one can reach dada guts

  13. I Like the Way MSD Leads His Team Through Out. But DADA was More Aggressive Captain.

  14. One and only dada

  15. MSD and none else. Whatever Saurav achieved was due to great player companions. MSDs achieved more and without great players.

  16. abhishek bhuyan


  17. Dada is good, bt mahi is best.. Never give up ever

  18. MSD – Dhoni is great MAHI ka koi jabab nahi

  19. Ver Good blog dear..very valuable information about cricket is avaliable here.
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