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Why Ravindra Jadeja is known as Sir Ravindra Jadeja

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Why Ravindra Jadeja is known as Sir Ravindra Jadeja

Through This Article I Will Tell You Why Why Ravindra Jadeja is known as “Sir Ravindra Jadeja”. This is a work of fiction and is not to be taken seriously.

1.Sir Ravindra Jadeja is playing for CSK. So, CSK should be declared the  IPL VI winner in advance: Lalit Modi

2.Jadeja is so quick, that once he took a bat-n-pad catch while fielding at the long on boundary: Gabbar Singh

3.Batsmen who hit sixes on Sir Jadeja’s bowling, go into his hotel room in night, cry and then ask for Poison: Unmukt Chand

4.Batsmen are not given out when Umpires raise finger, Batsmen are out when Sir Jadeja raises his finger: Simon Taufel

5.The reason Sir Ravindra Jadeja did not hit a triple century was because I personally had written to him to pardon Australia. :Justice Katju

6.Now every four years there will be Jadeja Cup Instead of the World Cup and IPL will be Jadeja Premier League: Michal Clarke

7.One day a small kid was smashing 4s&6s. Sir Ravindra Jadeja told him 2 play defensive strokes.Today,we know him as RahulDravid

8.In 1882, Sir Ravindra Jadeja smoked a Cigar ! And since then Aussies and English are fighting for its ASHES : MCC

9.The apple which fell on Isaac Newton’s head was thrown by Sir Ravindra Jadeja : NASA

10.Facebook And Twitter have introduced a new auto correct feature that will correct Ravindra Jadeja to Sir Ravindra Jadeja : IndiaTV

11. Accoring to New ICC Rules When Sir Jadeja bowls a No ball, it is compulsory for a batsmen to get run out: ICC

12.If There is any Player who can end my Streak at WrestleMania Then It,s Sir Ravindra Jadega : The UnderTaker

13.The reason for Gujarat development goes ONLY to SIR Ravindra Jadeja: Narendra Modi

14.Sir Ravindra Jadeja is to Indian Cricket what Tushar Kapoor is to Bollywoo” – Shilpa Shetty

15.You know why I have a different hairstyle? Because it matched to his and Dhoni once mistakenly said to me, “Jaddu, come and bowl your bakery stuff – Sachin Tendulkar

16.When Sir Ravindra Jadeja gives an idea, people say ‘What an idea Sir J? : IDEA

17.Form is temporary, I’m permanent. : Shri ShriSir Ravindra Jadeja

18. LORD Rohit sharma and Sir Ravindra Jadega’s statue are ready to get installed on every stadium of india : BCCI

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  2. Sir Ravindra jadeja jokes was awesume….Sirji

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